BON SCOTT - Rare Music Video Archive Of Late AC/DC Frontman Released Worldwide; 'Round And Round And Round' Video Streaming

December 12, 2013, 6 years ago

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Blue Pie Records announces the worldwide release of 'Round And Round And Round', a rare music video archive of legendary AC/DC frontman BON SCOTT.

'Round And Round And Round', written by Peter Head, was recorded in 1974 with THE MOUNT LOFTY RANGERS, a band that, along with Bon, has fostered Aussie legends Jimmy Barnes and Glenn Shorrock.

“Bon recorded 'Round And Round And Round' in the first 8-Track studio in Adelaide, just a few weeks before he was to embark on his historic journey as vocalist with the newly formed AC/DC”, recounts Peter Head.

Almost 22 years later in 1996, Peter Head and Sydney musician Ted Yanni made a pact to resurrect Bon’s vocal with a new backing track.

“You may have thought until now that you’ve heard everything Bon Scott recorded pre AC/DC. But what you have in your hands is the Bon Scott you didn’t hear”, says Vincent Lovegrove, who shared the vocals with Bon’s former band, THE VALENTINES.

Ted Yanni devoted almost two years to bringing Bon back to life via two previously unheard songs assisted musicians and technicians for whom this project has been a labour of love.

AC/DC is arguably the biggest and best rock band in the world. Joining the band in 1974, Bon Scott contributed to AC/DC’s best work throughout the 70s. From High Voltage (1974) to Highway To Hell (1979), Bon’s work with AC/DC is to this day some of the band’s most famous work.

Along with the worldwide release of 'Round And Round And Round', and Bon’s 1974 recorded audio Carey Gully on iTunes, fans can view Vytas Serelis’ unseen photographs of Bon Scott at this location.

'Round And Round And Round' is a Blue Pie Records worldwide release available now at iTunes.

The video for 'Round And Round And Round', courtesy of MUZU, can be seen below:

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