BravePicks 2012: The 12 Days Of Metal - #11

December 21, 2012, 4 years ago

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Here we go again! But where does the time go? It's seems like yesterday that we were ringing in 2012! Like last year, we're doing the same holiday-themed countdown of the finest slabs of metal this past year had to offer, voted by the devout scribes here at! Hence the name The 12 Days Of Metal. What does "slab" actually mean? We're talking studio albums. No compilations, rerecordings, live albums etc… Just pure metal, all killer no filler!

These are the 12 albums (yeah, we still use that old school term!) that you must have in your collection!

Let's rock!

2012 … The 12 Days Of Metal

11) SLASH – Apocalyptic Love (Dik Hayd)

"It is very live," Slash told BraveWords in March about Apocalyptic Love. "That was the intention. I mean, I've always tried to be as close to live as possible. I don't think I've ever been involved in a record that I was responsible or part responsible for that didn't have live bass and drums. And sometimes rhythm guitar. The issue with me is that I don't like wearing headphones. So whenever I play with a band during basic tracks I would always go and redo the guitars in the control room where it sounds bigger and natural. So we finally managed to figure out a way to do the guitars live on this record where I could play in the room with the guys in the band. Kind of like a room within the room where I could listen to monitors in there and not have to wear headphones and still be able to see the guys. This is the first record I've done where all the guitars are live. So that's pretty cool. It's definitely been a positive all-round experience. In this configuration it's been really exciting and a good extension for what we've been doing the last year and a half anyway."

Read the entire interview here.

2012 … The 12 Days Of Metal

12) DYING FETUS – Reign Supreme (Relapse Records)

11) SLASH – Apocalyptic Love (Dik Hayd)











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