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December 9, 2009, 5 years ago

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The Brave Picks Top 30 Of 2009 countdown continues! Each day in December we will deliver one of the essential records of the year - as voted by the scribes here at Double-bass drum roll please .... #22 - KREATOR - Hordes Of Chaos (Steamhammer)
HORDES OF CHAOS - CD COVER VERSION, 2009 HORDES OF CHAOS - LP COVER VERSION, 2009 scribe Mark Gromen says: "Hardcore/punk and thrash have always been intertwined, no matter how much we metalheads bristle at the notion. After a pair of stellar albums, including Enemy Of God, one of the most vicious and anti-religious rants of the last decade (black metal, ha!), Mille Petrozza appears to have switched gears (slightly) seeking to showcase the musicianship within Kreator" Read the entire review here. - Brave Picks Top 30 Of 2009 #30 - DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Addicted (InsideOut) #29 - GOD DETHRONED - Passiondale (Metal Blade) #28 - KISS - Sonic Boom (Kiss Records/ Walmart) #27 - GORGOROTH - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Regain) #26 - CHEAP TRICK - The Latest (Cheap Trick) #25 - EX DEO - Romulus (Nuclear Blast) #24 - SWALLOW THE SUN – New Moon (Spinefarm) #23 - KATATONIA - Night Is The New Day (Peaceville) #22 - KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos (Steamhammer)

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HARMONY - "The Window Of My Soul"

HARMONY - "The Window Of My Soul"

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