BraveWords' Martin Popoff Comments On Calgary Mass Murder Suspect Who Posted MEGADETH Titles On Facebook Before Deadly Stabbings - "Dave Mustaine Is A Very Responsible Guy Lyrically"

April 16, 2014, 3 years ago

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In a new interview with the Calgary Herald, BraveWords scribe and noted journalist Martin Popoff commented about Matthew De Grood - the alleged person responsible for the bloody slaying of five young people that is being called the “worst mass murder in Calgary’s history" - who posted the title of a MEGADETH song 'Dread And The Fugitive Mind' and album title, The World Needs a Hero, on his Facebook page prior to the stabbings.

“It seems a little more direct than looking into somebody’s (Facebook) profile and saying, ‘Oh, they happen to be a MARILYN MANSON fan,’ ” said Popoff, referring to blame that was directed at the musician in the wake of the Columbine school shootings.

“But in this case it is fairly odd and mysterious that this guy would post this. . . . And it seems like it’s pointing to people to go read this lyric.”
“This lyric seems to be about positing whether there’s a heaven or a hell,” said Popoff, who has interviewed Mustaine on numerous occasions, “and if you do bad deeds are you going to be punished or is there indeed any judgment whatsoever?”

Popoff said any interpretation of the song - or the entire Megadeth canon, for that matter - should be done with the knowledge that the writing is done from a very moral perspective.

“So if someone was to understand what Megadeth basically says in the composite, it’s basically a very moral message,” he said.

“Dave’s a very responsible guy, lyrically, so it would be a misreading, I would say, of what Dave is saying in this song or in the composite of all the songs put together to exact on society any form of violence.

“It is a misinterpretation of what Dave would have ever wanted said.”

Read more at the Calgary Herald.

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