BraveWords On The Road To Reykjavik For Iceland's Wacken Metal Battle: Day #1

April 5, 2013, 4 years ago

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By Mark Gromen

On my way to serve as a judge for Iceland's Wacken Metal Battle, a tournament to select who will represent this nation of 300,000 at this summer's festival, in Germany, which will take place August 1st - 3rd in Wacken. North America is a little behind, when it comes to this honor, 2013 seeing Canada host just their inaugural contest.

Not a lot of options to get to Reykjavik, so I learned a valuable travel lesson, being routed through Boston's Logan airport, for the first (and hopefully last!) time. It is nearly impossible to transfer planes/airlines/terminals without leaving the airport, taking a shuttle bus, and more importantly, having to endure a second security check. How archaic! If you go anywhere via BOS, plan accordingly. First day included five hours of sightseeing, including mountains, fjords, geo-thermal hot springs and some of the city's more "interesting" spots.

Check out photos below and stay tuned for more of Mark's journey!

Iceland's Wacken Metal Battle will be held at Harpa, the new Reykjavik Conference and Concert Hall tomorrow (Saturday, April 6). The hall in question: Eldborg (meaning Fiery City or Fiery Fortress) is the grandest of four halls in the complex and home of the Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera.

The evening will be headlined by Iceland's biggest metal band at the moment, SKÁLMÖLD, who have never played before in Eldborg and will be performing a full set. This concert comes hot on the trails of their recent near 1,000 capacity sold out release concert for their sophmore album, Börn Loka, held in Iceland's biggest movie theater and previous home of the Icelandic Symphonic Orhestra, Haskolabio.

Six bands compete for the spot to play Wacken Open Air in front of several thousand people, and participate in the international finals of Wacken Metal Battle where the main prize is a record contract with none other than Nuclear Blast Records.

For more details visit on Iceland's Wacken Metal Battle visit Facebook and check out a trailer below:

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MYRKUR - "Måneblôt” (Relapse)

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