Brazil Rocks! Heavy Metal Compilation Album Released

December 28, 2012, 4 years ago

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Power Prog has announced the release of the new Brazil Rocks! the best of Brazil heavy metal volume one. The album is available for free download via this location.

Trackisting is as follows:

KIKO LOUREIRO – ‘Conflicted’

VANDROYA – ‘The Last Free Land’

RYGEL – ‘Just One’

PASTORE – ‘Brutal Storm’

AGE OF ARTEMIS – ‘Till The End’

PAINSIDE – ‘Break The Hive’

FORTRESS – ‘Shatter This Prison’

CARAVELLUS – ‘Behind The Mask

SHADOWSIDE – ‘Angel With Horns’

ACLLA – ‘The Totem’

STILL ALIVE – ‘Forgiven Secrets’

SCELERATA – ‘Rising Sun’


MINDFLOW – ‘Walking Tall’

LOTHLÖRYEN – ‘When Madness Calls’

SOULSPELL – ‘Change The Tide’

The album can be heard below:

Featured Audio

IRON MONKEY - "OmegaMangler" (Relapse)

IRON MONKEY - "OmegaMangler" (Relapse)

Featured Video

POWER QUEST - "Lords Of Tomorrow"

POWER QUEST - "Lords Of Tomorrow"

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