Brazil's FIRE SHADOW To Release Phoenix EP; 'Scars' Video Streaming

May 1, 2014, 3 years ago

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For nearly a decade on the road, the heavy metal band FIRE SHADOW is certainly one of the most prominent names in Brazil nowadays.

So far, the band already released a demo, two singles and the self-titled debut album from 2007. Nevertheless, they played shows alongside world-renowned bands like ICED EARTH, GRAVE DIGGER, BLAZE BAYLEY, PAUL DI'ANNO and were the winners of Parana stage of Wacken Metal Battle 2011, which has accredited them to play at Roca 'N' Roll, one of the most important rock/metal festivals from Brazil.

Currently formed by Marco Lacerda (vocal), Bruno Quimelli (guitar), Francisco Kozel (guitar), Gustavo Adaeots (bass) and Leandro Zonato (drums), Fire Shadow now prepares for the release of the band's new effort, the Phoenix EP. Expected to reach the stores in July, Phoenix was recorded in Curitiba/Brazil at the Bunker Studio and will bring the tracks 'Scars', 'Inner Battle', 'Phoenix', 'From Darkness' and 'Unbreakable'.

Phoenix was produced by the band itself alongside the producer Alexandre Cegalla and promises to be a watershed moment in the band's career.

"With Phoenix we wanted to achieve a higher level in comparison with all we've done so far," says vocalist Marco Lacerda. "The band has matured a lot from all the years on the road, as well as our compositions. We got many things from our early work and we are proud of it, but we are sure that everyone who have been following us will be surprised with the quality of this new material."

Signed by the brazilian artist Carlos Fides (NOTURNALL, SHAMAN, ALMAH) the cover of Phoenix dialogues directly with the lyrics content.

"The idea of the cover is precisely reflect the concept of the album," adds Marco. "The main theme of 'Phoenix' is the self-overcoming, the struggle of an individual against external and internal obstacles, like a victorious journey that is made of ups and downs, as the cycle of the Phoenix (resurrection from the ashes). All songs talk about this issue."

Fire Shadow released recently the video clip for the song 'Scars', one of the tracks from Phoenix. Produced by Fabio Mazzardo and Marcelo Nassar, the video was filmed during the brazilian MMA event Power Night in Curitiba.

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