Brazil's THIAGO SCHIEFER Releases Debut Album Prototype: Freedom

July 12, 2013, 4 years ago

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São Paulo, Brazil-based rock singer-songwriter THIAGO SCHIEFER has just released his first album, Prototype: Freedom. Produced by the artist and co-produced by Fabio Ribeiro (REMOVE SILENCE, ex-ANDRE MATOS) and Ale Souza (Remove Silence), the ten songs can be streamed and downloaded at his website - you name the price, or download it for free. The album can also be purchased for a fixed price at CD Baby (and soon at iTunes and others), or listened to via streaming.

Influenced by MUSE, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, RADIOHEAD and PINK FLOYD, among others, the album features both famous and less known guests: siding Fabio Ribeiro and Ale Souza, we can hear a guitar solo by Hugo Mariutti (Andre Matos, Remove Silence, ex-SHAMAN) and the voices of brazilian music singer Daniella Alcarpe and Schiefer’s former bandmate Rodrigo Calejon.

The first thing that jumps to sight is the album’s cover: a man in skirts holding his guitar. “I chose this picture as a contemporary dialog with the album’s concept: freedom. I mean, what’s the big deal with guys wearing skirts if women, long ago, began using pants? Why can’t we choose to freely wear the clothes - and the ideas - best fit to us without judgement from others?”, questions the artist. “I think men should do a revolution as women did last century. Change the ancient paradigms we still support."

To create an experience surrounding the music, the artist chose to renew the “rock album” concept by creating an interactive web “booklet” (available here), beautifully backgrounded by Amanda Louzada’s photography. It comes with lyrics, photos, all the music for streaming and downloadable wallpapers. Those who want to dive deeper into the album can also explore the extras, named here as “The Archive” - these can be a text on the song’s origin, a brief literary piece on the song’s subject, it’s demo or something else entirely.

With this work, Thiago Schiefer takes a firm first step into global rock music scene.

Prototype: Freedom tracklisting:


'City Lights'

'Rays On The Water'

'The Grand Stage'





'She Spoke'

'Tale Of Forecoming Lore'

More info here.

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