BRET MICHAELS And PetSmart Introduce Retro Neon-Themed Dog Toys And Apparel

May 8, 2013, 4 years ago

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Now your dog can experience the 80s! Taking a cue from the early days of BRET MICHAELS’ career, the Pets Rock collection at PetSmart has expanded to a throwback, neon-inspired line of apparel, toys and accessories.

“I rocked the 80s so it’s really fun to bring some retro-style to my pet line,” said Bret Michaels, who helped shape the decade’s music and style and is a pet parent to German shepherds Diesel and Phoenix. “Music and pets are important parts of my life, and these neon-themed additions represent an era of self-expression and uniqueness that my fans and a generation of pet parents will identify with.”

The products are accented with bright neon pink, yellow, orange and green and are full of attitude. The clothing takes you back to when music was fun with quotes like “I Love the 80s” and “I’m With the Band.”

The newest Pets Rock toys and ready-to-wear apparel include:

- I Love the 80s Dress: Flashback to the 80s with this sassy dress which has a neon pink top with splashes of neon green, red and yellow stripes, and a double-tulle bottom with neon pink trim. Awesome!
- Boombox Toy: It wouldn’t be the 80s without a boombox. Your dog can howl along while playing (or tugging and chewing) this bright toy which has a faux volume control dial and skull decorations.
- Guitar Bottle Cruncher Toy: Your dog can make some music by crunching along this guitar-shaped toy stuffed with an empty plastic water bottle.
- Rainbow Hair Bows: Your pup will really stand out wearing the funky patterns and bright colors of these 80s-retro bows.

PetSmart and Bret Michaels introduced the Pets Rock collection last year to help pet parents find their pets’ inner rock star. The products are available in PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and online at For more information on the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection, visit and visit PetSmart on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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