August 31, 2006, 11 years ago

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Metal Sludge ( has issued the following report:

Well the rumors have been hot n' heavy related to the big blow-up in Atlanta last week with POISON. In case you've been hiding under a hat and 2 bandanas lately (or for most of your adult life) go read the past reports here!

The internet has been a buzzing, along with cell phones going into, and calls coming out of the Poison camp. After the "mic toss and bass fling" on stage, the word was that Bret might not make the next few shows for possible medical reasons. Or a case of the "Fuck You, I'm not playing with you dicks anymore" lead singers disease. This same disease has affected the VAN HALEN camp, MÖTLEY CRÜE, SKID ROW, RATT, WARRANT, and a half billion other bands. So, why not Poison? Let's get a scab and carry onward. That is exactly and of course "allegedly" what was decided by the other 3 members of Poison shortly after the blow up.

It's also rumored that money was offered to members of the Poison staff to find that guy, and whoever did - would be rewarded with cash! So, evreyone who ever tuned a guitar or carried a bag for Bobby, Rikki and CC started calling every Los Angeles loser with a headband and some attitude. Phones were allegedly ringing in California well into the early Saturday morning hours and e-mails even included set lists.

It's been reported through Poison "insiders" that Johnny Solinger of Skid Row was in fact brought into Memphis as a stand-by replacement for Bret Michaels. The "source" reported that Rachel Bolan (Skid Row bassist) was in Atlanta during the ordeal, and when the shit hit the fan - he offered his "Sebastian" stand-in, to be "Bret's" stand-in. There are bits of information that put Johnny at the Peabody Motel in Memphis on Saturday August 26th, and also "alleged" sightings at the Memphis airport on Sunday the 27th.

Why Solinger you ask? Well reports are that the other "candidates" were all sitting in either California or Nevada, and Johnny was an hour away by plane from Memphis in Texas. Much closer then a 4 hour flight from the city of broken dreams and broker rock stars. The list of hopefuls from the "rumor mill" included Mark Slaughter of SLAUGHTER, Mr. Sludge himself Stevie Rachelle of TUFF (talk about irony), Ralph Saenz of METAL SKOOL and the Van Halen tribute ATOMIC PUNKS (and ex-LA GUNS), and Jizzy "Just don't let Blotzer hear about this or he's gonna lose it" Pearl of Ratt and LOVE/HATE (formerly of LA Guns & ADLERS APPETITE).

The short list even included a few nearly no names. We even heard the name Jett Michaels of the Poison tribute band TALK DIRTY TO ME was mentioned. No that was not a typo, his name is Jett Michaels and his nickname is BabyBret.

Not sure where all this goes next. The Poison tour in the U.S. has officially ended as of Tuesday night in Minnesota. The band has 2 gigs out of the Country and maybe an extended break will help heal the wounds, even though the scar remains!

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