BRIAN TICHY On Leaving THE DEAD DAISIES - "The Guys In The Band Are All My Good Buds"

November 7, 2017, 11 months ago

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BRIAN TICHY On Leaving THE DEAD DAISIES - "The Guys In The Band Are All My Good Buds"

"I don’t want too much time to pass, implying I may not care or care to address those who care and have been kind," says drummer Brian Tichy, whose departure from The Dead Daisies was announced this past weekend.

"With that, I mainly wanted to thank anyone out there who took the time to pay attention to me and my drumming in The Dead Daisies as I am no longer what some may call a 'Daisy'. Nor am I dead! Haha! What I am is a lover of groove, badass riffs and speed bags with an awesome family I love being with and hate leaving, but drums and music are luckily my passion and livelihood, so we all understand, it’s the way it is, so you roll with it and let everything be the best it can...

Regarding The Daisies: I filled in a week in ‘13 when Dizzy Reed called me. I then did a bunch of touring with them in ‘14 and ‘15. We picked it up a notch being more full time than ever before in ‘16 and ‘17 as well as a consistent lineup that wrote and toured together.

The guys in the band are all my good buds. I go back a long ways with them. Our friendships are longer than most bands exist so it was an easy and fun ride to be a part of! I ended up in a band with friends / musicians I’ve worked and hung with in all capacities for many years... and we had a blast touring the world playing together! Hey! We opened many times for my idols, KISS, (first rock show I ever saw in ‘79 at Madison Square Garden!!!) and played their last three Kruises! I even got the Rock And Roll Over LP tattoo on the Kruise as it was the first LP I ever bought with my own money (5 bucks in ‘76!) So yeah, we had a lot of fun and played a ton of great countries, clubs, festivals and more! Glad to have been a part of it!

Also, and almost most important in why I’m writing this (as it was made public knowledge a day or two ago that I’m not drumming for them anymore)... I want to thank the fans! I’ve seen lots of nice things written and have received many nice messages from all over the world! Wow! Effin’ cool! What a way to make an already bright day brighter! You’re all far too kind!"

"I humbly get behind a drum kit (my most comfortable place in the world) and put myself to my own personal test; to play better than ever before and to hopefully make people take notice and enjoy it. It’s what I do best and I love it! It’s me and I’m it! Everything revolves around drums and music in my life. Yup, my family too! If I do well I can take care of them. If I’m happy than I can continue trying to excel as best I can. If I’m happy I’ll probably be more healthy as to me, I try to think health is largely a mental state. So, my talent is my love and my love is my work and my work is never really work!

So once again, to the fans... thanks for noticing what I do, writing so kindly, and for all the support in what’s up next! If I could, I’d have us all show up somewhere and buy you all a drink! No, not just one drink that you’d all have to split... you’d each get your own!

I know you’ll follow along because although I’ve had my share of longer term gigs, I have been in many less than long term! I read someone called me a 'Gypsy Drummer'. I like it! Much better than 'hired gun'. Plus, Tichys were gypsies back in the day! It’s in my blood! And, I’ve been doing this since 1989! Whoa! And I will still be doing it in 2059! No sh*t! Mark those words! (Frankie Valli is 84 and still touring!)

I had always wished I’d meet musicians that became my Led Zeppelin, Rush or Van Halen! Well, if it don’t happen, it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna stop trying, and my dreams are still the same! I kind of like the impossible dream as it makes every bit of the journey so satisfying because you always feel a little closer to those initial feelings of when you first saw KISS, VH, Aerosmith, Ozzy or Maiden!

And, a couple 'top of the head' notes... I’m finishing up some projects right now, (Merry Tichmas at Pledge Music), some studio sessions (Chris Caffery LP) some live gigs (Moby Dicks - Vegas - Count's Vamp'd Nov. 18, and in Hawaii for the Eve Before New Year’s Eve show at Hawaiian Brian’s (yup, for real!), and Chas West’s Moby Dicks B-Day Bash back in Vegas Jan. 6, and more...

Plus, January is NAMM season so I’m digging in and putting together Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered now for NAMM weekend at the Yost, January 25th and 26th! It’ll be a ton of fun as always!

And before I go further I have to make a cool announcement about Bonzo Bash; (and watch how this post goes full circle)! I got a nice text from one of the baddest drummers out there today. He checked in kindly and said hi. I replied similarly. And without missing a beat, (drum speak) I asked if he’d be around to play Bonzo Bash. He said hell yeah! I said, 'Awesome! Send me your top song choices!'

So I might as well announce him now and, also wish him well, as he has just joined up with a new band, and is tracking right now, in Nashville... with Corabi, Mendoza, and Aldrich! I proudly announce new Dead Daisies drummer extraordinaire Deen Castronovo to Bonzo Bash 2018! Deen and I go back to 1999 when we did a Journey / Foreigner summer ampitheater tour together! And I’ve been a fan since he played on Tony MacAlpine’s record back in like 1987 Deen was my first choice as to who should join the Daisies.It makes perfect sense. I had nothing to do with it, but being a Rock N Roll Wizard Gypsy Drummer, I just knew it!

So there it is! I’ll soon announce my future plans as I’m working on that right now too! But I want to make it a public kind of thing when it has just enough air in the tires to start pedaling up the Mountain of the Music Biz! But it’s gonna be loud and heavy and challenging and melodic and hopefully feel like that first bit of air conditioning when you sit in car that’s 110’! And then you turn the radio on and it’s either 'Carry On Wayward Son', 'Freebird', 'Hotel California', 'More Than A Feeling', 'Roundabout', or 'My Sharona'! Ok, maybe that’s a bit too lofty of a claim, and maybe many of you don’t get all pumped over those songs like I do, so let’s just leave it with the A/C turning on!

With that, some may ask, 'dude, why’d you leave this band with your friends in it playing this cool rock music and all the other fixins that go with it?' Well, I can only leave you with this...

I mean, I could never say it better than The Brady Bunch does! Also, it’s life. It’s as big and mighty as you make it! It’s yours to do what you want! It’s yours to take a chance with! It’s yours to whine and complain about! It’s your to realize it’s yours! It’s yours to go for before you wake up and your life is not there! So make something happen you didn’t think you could, or at least try!

And on that note, more soon, and thanks again for all the support, well wishes and kind words! It means a lot!"


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