BRIGHTON ROCK Guitarist Greg Fraser Weighs In On SEAN KELLY's Metal On Ice Book - "For Fans Of Canadian '80s Rock This Is A Real Page Turner"

October 3, 2013, 7 years ago

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Metal On Ice - Tales From Canada's Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Heroes, authored by SEAN KELLY of CRASH KELLY and GILBY CLARKE, is out now. BRIGHTON ROCK guitarist Greg Fraser has posted his take on the book:

"Just finished reading the Sean Kelly book Metal On Ice. For those of you who are fans of Canadian '80s rock this is a real page turner. Growing up, Sean was a real fan of Canadian bands like CONEY HATCH, Brighton Rock, HONEYMOON SUITE, HAREM SCAREM, KILLER DWARFS, HELIX, etc. and wrote this book about how it influenced his life. The book is filled with great interviews and road stories and fond (and not so fond!) memories of the '80s and early '90s Canadian Rock scene. Highly recommended!"

The official Dundurn Press overview for Metal On Ice reads as follows:

Canada has produced many successful proponents of the genre known as heavy metal, which grew out of the hard rock of the 1970s, exploded commercially in the 1980s, and then petered out in the 1990s as grunge took over, only to rise to prominence once again in the new millennium.

The road to Canadian musical glory is not lined with the palm trees and top-down convertibles of the Sunset Strip. It is a road slick with black ice, obscured by blizzards, and littered with moose and deer that could cause peril for a cube van thundering down a Canadian highway.

Drawing on interviews with original artists such as Helix, ANVIL, Coney Hatch, Killer Dwarfs, Harem Scarem, and Honeymoon Suite, as well as prominent journalists, VJs, and industry insiders, we relive their experiences, motivations, and lifestyles as they strove for that most alluring of brass rings — the coveted record deal. It's a new perspective on the dreams of musicians shooting for an American ideal of success and discovering a uniquely Canadian voice in the process.

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