BROKEN HOPE Premiere 360° Video For “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”

June 16, 2017, a year ago

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BROKEN HOPE Premiere 360° Video For “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”

Chicago-based conductors of death metal brutality, Broken Hope, have released a 360° video for “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”, the opening track of their upcoming album, Mutilated And Assimilated.

Explore unique perspectives of the extreme and incredible art of Wes Benscoter and experience a kaleidosphere of death metal misanthropy at every turn in this all new interactive video.

While much of the album pays tributes to John Carpenter’s classic The Thing and John W. Campbell Jr’s short story Who Goes There (heed the title track “Mutilated And Assimilated” and brutal instrumental “Beneath Antarctic Ice”) .The lyrics behind “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit” were actually inspired by the true horrors observed in the real world.

“The Meek Shall Inherit Shit” is a premonitory message about the increasingly irreversible dangers of global pollution. Guitarist and songwriter  Jeremy Wagner further explains: “”The Meek Shall Inherit Shit” is a song I've been wanting to write lyrically for some time. I'm an environmentalist - a guy who considers environment, rather than heredity, as the primary influence on the development human beings. Homo sapiens are living in a shitpile. We constantly foul our nest, we are killing the planet, and we cause up to 2,000 extinctions every year. Look, I don't want to get all hippy and political here. I just love the natural world so much and I hate what's being done to it. It fucking pisses me off! And you can hear my anger in the lyrics and the music of this track."

Broken Hope once again tapped director Tommy Jones for the making of this 360° clip who also directed the lyric video for the album title track, where he incorporated live footage of Broken Hope in Berlin with storyboards by illustrator Mark Rudolph.

Mutilated And Assimilated will be released on June 23rd as a Limited Edition CD+DVD Digipak in North America and in a Special Edition CD+DVD Digipak in Europe, as well as digital & streaming versions available on all the major outlets worldwide.

The LP version will be released in the following vinyl colours:

Gatefold "Peeled Flesh" neon pink LP+CD: US Exclusive
Gatefold "Antarctic" blue LP+CD: Band Exclusive
Ltd. Gatefold "Cremated Corpse" black LP+CD: available via European stores
Ltd. Gatefold "Gory Glory" transp. red LP+CD: CM Distro Europe Exclusive

Mutilated And Assimilated tracklisting:

“The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”
“The Bunker”
“Mutilated and Assimilated”
“Outback Incest Clan”
“Malicious Meatholes”
“Blast Frozen”
“The Necropants”
“The Carrion Eaters”
“Russian Sleep Experiment”
“Hell's Handpuppets”
“Beneath Antarctic Ice”
“Swamped-In Gorehog”

“The Carrion Eaters” video:

“Mutilated And Assimilated” lyric video:

“Making Of” videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

In celebration of the forthcoming album, Broken Hope have announced their Los Angeles listening party and live concert, taking place June 25th. Tickets are on sale now at this location.

Broken Hope lineup:

Damian Leski - Vocals
Jeremy Wagner - Guitars
Mike Miczek - Drums
Matt Szlachta - Lead Guitars
Diego Soria - Bass

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