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August 1, 2005, 13 years ago

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BURNT BY THE SUN’s MySpace page has been updated with the following band lineup news:

“July 2005 has officially become the month for Burnt By The Sun. After an intense five-day session of drinking, BBQ-in, and rehearsing, Burnt By The Sun has solidified their new lineup.

Burnt by the Sun are proud to welcome Nate Johnson on vocals (DEADWATER DROWNING, PREMONITIONS OF WAR), and Nick Hale on guitar (Premonitions Of War, SILO) completing the new lineup with Brandon Thomas on drums (RIPPING CORPSE, DIM-MAK, THE DYING LIGHT).

Burnt by the Sun are currently writing new material for an EP release this year with the new lineup and will be out on the road again very soon. A short east coast stint is being planned to get the new lineup out and back on the road!

Additionally, Burnt by the Sun will be relaunching their website with a complete redesign later this month, so look for the new site at www.burntbythesun.com and additional information at www.myspace.com/burntbythesun .

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