BUTTAFÜKO Releases Download Cards For The Black Album

January 4, 2011, 6 years ago

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Seattle's butt kicking metal machines BUTTAFÜKO have announced thay they are releasing download cards of their newest release, The Black Album, through CD Baby, to make it as easy as possible for fans to get ahold of their music.

In a recent review of the CD on The BellerBytes, Bryan Beller (STEVE VAI, DETHKLOK) said, "The 20 tunes on this disc sound like what S.O.D. might have been if they took themselves even less seriously. It's power trio metal, but somehow it comes off as slightly punk as well."

The full album is available now at their CD Baby page located at this location, as well as iTunes, MediaNet, Napster, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Lala, Zune, Last.fm, Tradebit, Shockhound, GreatIndieMusic, ThumbPlay, MySpace Music, Emusic, Rhapsody, LimeWire.

To promote the new CD, the band will be doing a series of live shows broadcast over the internet. You can catch this live show for FREE every Monday at 7:30 PM (PST). Go to this location for the insanity.

These first two lines to 'Buttafuko Family Assault' say everything you need to know about this Seattle-area trio. Buttafuko was born in Iowa, when a bare-assed, giggling bassist Hodgy woke up one morning in 1993 and decided he was going to make a band and perform that night. He returned to the band house and laid out his plan. Jeff G. (the singer) was to play drums. The drummer would play bass, and Hodgy would take guitar and vocal duties. The newly formed band made a set-list, wrote 'The Buttafuko Theme Song', and played that evening to thunderous silence. It was an amazing success.

Six years later, the band found themselves in Seattle, Washington - this time armed with some actual songs. After series of bass players were lost to drugs, laziness, and cancer, Josh Blondo joined the clan in 2008.

The Fu is known as much for their crazy live performances and 'themed' shows (i.e. Buttafu-karaoke, All-Request-a-Fuko, and Acousti-Fuko), as they are for their catchy and fun tunes, including the hits 'Jack Hammer' and 'I Love You So Fucking Much I Could Shit'. The boys are also known to take requests and play songs they don't even know.

The tunes run stylistically from thrash to rock to punk to country to just ridiculous, laden with noodling guitar work and autobiographical lyrics. 'Just about every word I sing, I've lived that shit', Hodgy says. 'Except for that line 'out on the dock, thinking of you'. I'd never write something that fruity. Jeff wrote that.'

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