BW&BK EXCLUSIVE: JUDAS PRIEST Frontman ROB HALFORD - "All The Nostradamus Writing Sessions Are Completed"

October 27, 2006, 14 years ago

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JUDAS PRIEST singer ROB HALFORD spoke to BW&BK; today about a number of topics including the forthcoming flurry of HALFORD reissues that will hit Apple's iTunes Music Store at the end of November via MGE (Metal God Entertainment - Halford's new label). Speaking on the phone from his sunny California home in San Diego, Halford also revealed more information regarding the anxiously-awaited Nostradamus concept album that Judas Priest are currently working on.

"All the Nostradamus writing sessions are completed," says The Metal God, "and Ken (K.K. Downing - guitar) and Glenn (Tipton - guitar) are in the studio at the moment doing their bits. So that is going to take a while because it is just massive."

Have you written about lyrics yet for it? "I have the bulk of them sketched out. I have just come back to San Diego for a little bit of a break end to support this big slew of Halford reissues. I am working on my Nostradamus lyrics as we speak. On this recent trip I can't remember how long I was in England. It was over a month. The writing sessions have taken about three months, much like they did for Angel Of Retribution (2005). There are still ideas coming up for Nostradamus all the time, but the bulk of it is done."

When asked about the monstrous undertaking so late in their career, Halford beams - "Isn't it great, it is our first ever concept album/metal opera. We are just so stoked about that. After the critically acclaimed Angel Of Retribution and the success the metal fans gave us for that record, it would been an even bigger task to to go in and do another studio album. And then Nostradamus raised his head and we all went 'Oh my God, this is unbelievable, did Nostradamus prophecize that Judas Priest would be doing at metal opera about his life in 2007?' It is so cool isn't it? We are just immersed in the land and world of Nostradamus right now. It is incredible."

Halford adds: "Our feeling in Priest with Nostradamus was that the fans have been clamoring for a concept album for as long as we've been together. Some people think that Painkiller (1990) was a concept album. Some people think that Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976) was a concept album. Both of them were not. But this is a moment now, three decades later, where we can put all that thinking in one place, and create this one big metal opera called Nostradamus. And everybody will be happy - in happy metal land we hope!"

BW&BK;'s chat with The Metal God will be featured in BW&BK;'s famous BravePicks 2006 issue (#101) that streets in late November. Watch this space for more from BW&BK;'s chat with Rob Halford!

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