BW&BK EXCLUSIVE: ROB HALFORD - "I Have To Do My Black Album With IHSAHN At Some Point"

October 28, 2006, 13 years ago

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JUDAS PRIEST singer ROB HALFORD spoke to BW&BK; yesterday (October 27th) about a number of topics including the forthcoming flurry of HALFORD reissues that will hit Apple's iTunes Music Store at the end of November via MGE (Metal God Entertainment - Halford's new label) and the Nostradamus concept album that Judas Priest are currently working on. Halford also talked about his black metal yearnings and revealed his desire to work with EMPEROR frontman IHSAHN. "Where it is cold and wet and dark and damp, that is where some of the greatest metal in the world comes from - Norway Sweden and Denmark, those climates," Halford explains. "I have to do my black album with Ihsahn at some point. It's a burning desire of mine to park myself in Scandinavia for awhile and work with that genius. He's making a second solo record - (the follow-up) to The Adversary (2006), which I couldn't stop playing. I have this burning desire to make at least one record with Ihsahn at some point, just me and him together. That's just on my list of haven't been there, haven't done that yet."

BW&BK;'s chat with The Metal God will be featured in BW&BK;'s famous BravePicks 2006 issue (#101) that streets in late November. Watch this space for more from BW&BK;'s chat with Rob Halford!

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