BW&BK's Martin Popoff Releases New TED NUGENT Book

November 5, 2012, 3 years ago

news rock hard ted nugent bw bk Editor in Chief Martin Popoff has released his new book on the Motor City Madman called Epic TED NUGENT.

In his own words: "I loved doing this book. Ted was my first concert back in ’76 and the guy just makes me happy. As well, Ted’s an amazing interview and one of the ones I had with him, is like one of the most outrageous I’ve ever seen, and it’s all here. Plus other chats with him, lots of Derek (St. Holmes; guitar and vocals), and what was quite possibly the last interview dear Cliff Davies (drums) gave before his suicide in April ’08. But dudes, there’s the legendary David Krebs, Lew Futterman, a couple of AMBOY DUKES, Don Branker of Cal Jam, lotsa Tom Werman, some Charlie, Rob, lots of research... if this ain’t my best book, then certainly it’s second to the BÖC or tied with the UFO. And it’s long – 292 pages, with the pictures not too big, and there’s like 200 of those."

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