CANCER Reissues Coming In August; Pre-Order Now

July 4, 2014, 18 days ago

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Cyclone Empire will reissue the following Cancer albums (bonus tracks listed) on August 8th:
To The Gory End: "Our Fate" (Demo 1989) "Revenged" (Demo 1989) “Both tracks appeared on our second demo in 1989, but were never used on To The Gory End.”
Death Shall Rise: "Hung, Drawn And Quartered" (Live 1992) "Blood Bath" (Live 1992) Both tracks recorded live at Milwaukee Metalfest 1992 by Ron Goudie.
The Sins Of Mankind: "Cloak of Darkness" (Working Demo 1992) "Electro-Convulsive Therapy" (Working Demo 1992) “Both tracks taken from a working demo recorded late 1992, no vocals were put on these as we hadn't written them”. Pre-order now at this location.
VARGA - "Three Section Staff" Video Premiere

VARGA - "Three Section Staff" Video Premiere

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