CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's Max Cavalera - "If We Plan Too Much, Sometimes The Result Gets A Little Predictable"

July 23, 2008, 11 years ago

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The Daily Rock's Stephanie Stevens (aka Romperchic) conducted an interview with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY’s Max Cavalera before the band's set in Worcester, MA in which he talked about how it is being back with his brother, the new SOULFLY record and how the recording process was this time around.

An excerpt from the chat is below:

Q: How different is it working with your brother vs. working with other artists?

A: "It’s just easier, like with other drummers I have to explain things and do out counts for them. So when Iggor and I play we just do it, we know. We play at a speed where it's our own speed and tempo so those are very unique things that I don’t find with anyone else. Even after the 10 years we got back together and everything is exactly the same. Musically it was the same we went right into it. The ten years didn’t matter musically the minute we worked together again it just clicked."

Q: On the Inflikted CD, people had expectations of hearing that SEPULTURA sound. When you did write this album were you looking to make something new?

A: We didn’t even think about the past. I just made the album as raw and natural as possible. I didn’t sit down and discuss what kind of vibe this album would have. People would say I like it because it’s raw and aggressive and it’s got a cool thrash vibe with a groove. I’m glad they like it like that but we didn’t try to do it like that it just happen to come out like that and I think its cooler and more natural. If we plan too much sometimes the result gets a little predictable."

Q: Was the recording process easier?

A: "I think recording with Iggor has always been similar. I enjoy it because he is a very creative drummer and he inspires the people in the room and you see everyone playing better because of him. I would say it was just as fun with the making of the album with Iggor."

Q: New Soulfly... what can we look forward to in it?

A: "I think its deeper, it’s called Conquer. It’s the same vibe as Dark Ages but I think it’s heavier and faster. So we took everything one step up. Which is surprising a lot of fans because a lot of them were like it can not get any heavier as Dark Ages, but it can. It took a little work with the guys but it’s defiantly some cool stuff. There is a song that Dave from THROWDOWN sings on which is called 'Unleashed'. So I am very excited for the record. It’s going to be good."

Read the full interview at The Daily Rock.

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