Celebrate The Summer Of Sickness With Abyss Records; HUMANGLED, RADIATION SICKNESS Tracks Streaming At BraveWords.com

July 23, 2012, 3 years ago

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Abyss Records is in the midst of its Summer Of Sickness Campaign 2012. The label is unleashing six releases over the six weeks from HUMANGLED, FETUS STENCH, RADIATION SICKNESS, CORROSIVE CARCASS, SOUTHWICKED and ROCKING CORPSES.

BraveWords.com is taking part in the Summer Of Sickness Campaign and will be streaming tracks from each release on the KnuckleTracks Online Audio Player (top-left of BraveWords.com). Check out Humangled's 'Skinned, To Feel All' and Radiation Sickness' 'Reflections Of A Psychotic Past' here.

Odd Ethics, the new EP from Italian death metallers Humangled, is now available via Abyss Records. According to a press release, "the follow up to 2010's Fractal, Odd Ethics sees the band taking bold steps into new musical territory, while attacking the social aberration and hypocrisy born from our lack of ethics and common sense."

For more details visit Officialabyssrecords.com.

Check out Humangled on Facebook.

Reflections Of A Psychotic Past is the first the new album in two decades from Indianapolis' crusty crossover death-thrashers Radiation Sickness. It features seven brand new tracks and includes a re-mastered copy of the 1990 release The Other Me, A Journey into Insanity.

For more details visit Officialabyssrecords.com.

Check out Radiation Sickness on Facebook.

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