CEREBRUM - New Album Streaming

May 17, 2014, a year ago

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Athens, Greece-based technical death metal band Cerebrum - featuring Nile drummer George Kollias, are streaming their new album, Cosmic Enigma, which will be out on May 27th. Listen here.

Check out the tracklist and cover art below.

Cosmic Enigma tracklisting:

'Utopian Freedom, Dogmatic Truth'

'Subconscious Extraction'

'Dream Infusion Side-Effects'

'Vaporized To Feed The Profound Abyss (...Sinking Endlessly)'

'Oblivious Eons'

'Phobos Manipulation'


'Enter The Void'

'Chaotic Orbits Align'

'Cosmic Enigma'

'Swirling Liquid Pellets...(Vitiate The Infinite Vacuum)'

'S-G-S (Subliminal Gravity Symptoms)'

For more details visit Cerebrum on Facebook here.

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