CHRIS CAFFERY - "Profiling Is Not Something That Is Restricted To A Color Or Race"

July 21, 2013, 2 years ago

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TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA guitarist CHRIS CAFFERY (ex-SAVATAGE) has issued the following update:

"Short story for all of my friends here. About ten years ago I was on my way home from the studio in Manhattan. Heading to Queens. I like riding the subway so after a long walk from 19th street to 59th I went to the subway. It was about 10pm. I got on a subway car and there were three elderly ladies on the train. They immediately left and went to the next car. Profiling is not something that is restricted to a color or race. It is a part of our society that effects everyone. I was a little sad that night more than anything because if there was trouble on that train, I would be the first to help, not cause it. All that situation did was motivate myself to rise above the profile, make sure I continue to help people regardless of race, color, religion, politics... As a long haired male I've experience this my whole life. From police, store and mall security. Just about everywhere I have been. Still happens. I know it isn't the way it always is and we all are never happy with the outcomes of most situations in life, however... In reason there is peace. In truth there is justice. The system isn't perfect, but no one is perfect and human beings are our own worst enemies."

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