CHTHONIC Schedules First Acoustic Performances At Historic Buildings

October 3, 2013, 4 years ago

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Beginning in the latter half of October, CHTHONIC will have its first-ever acoustic concert tour at century-old bú-tik palaces in Taoyuan, Taichung, and Tainan in line with the theme of the new album Bú-tik.

In fact, Chthonic members have visited Bú-tik palaces around Taiwan as they were preparing for the new album Bú-tik, and it was during the visits that Chthonic first had the idea of having acoustic performances in these historic buildings. “We wanted to perform in Bú-tik palaces so badly, but we were worried that we may damage the historic buildings,” Doris said. “So we came up with the idea to specially design acoustic concerts for the historic buildings.”

In preparation for the acoustic tour, Chthonic members have been rearranging songs and repeatedly practicing. “This is the hardest tour at all, we don’t just rearrange the songs, we also have to rearrange our personalities,” said lead vocalist Freddy. “We normally just can’t stay still, but this is a good chance for us to find our interior calmness,” Dani, the drummer, said.

Chthonic invited the band CHOCOLATE TIGER, led by their good friend Enno Cheng, as the opening guest, while also inviting popular folk singers as special guests at each of the concert. Two of the guests will be Lin Sheng-xiang and Panai, while Chthonic decides to keep the name of the third guest as a surprise for their fans. “We can’t wait to see these master musicians to perform Chthonic music!” Doris said.

To make sure that the historic buildings will remain intact, Chthonic will sell combo tickets for the concert, which will include a pair of Bú-tik socks and a bamboo seat cushion, so that fans may take off their shoes and put on the socks at the entrance, and sit comfortably on the cushion.

A short clip of acoustic 'Set Fire To The Island':

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