COAL CHAMBER Bassist Chela Rhea Harper Joins KARTIKEYA

August 30, 2013, 7 years ago

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Moscow-based epic ethno death metal band KARTIKEYA have issued the following announcement:

"We are proud to welcome the lovely and totally rocking Chela Rhea Harper (COAL CHAMBER, VII) as our new second guitarist and backing vocalist! And we're damn sure that this collaboration will bring new great times to our band!"

For information and updates on Kartikeya check out their official Facebook page here.

Harper announced the launch of a new project, VII, at the beginning of the year:

"This is something I have been working towards for a very long time and with the help of the very talented Joe Waller (ADORA VIVOS) and Arsafes (KARTIKEYA). This project will soon be on its way. It's best described as melodic doom with progressive and ethnic influences."

The first single, Entropy', can be heard below.

Watch the official VII Facebook page here for updates.

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