CORONER's Marky Edelmann Says Their New Live DVD "Will Have An Extra New Song"

April 28, 2012, 5 years ago

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CORONER drummer Marky Edelmann (aka Marquis Marky) spoke with Arto Lehtinen and Timo Hanhirova from at this year's Roadburn Festival's Afterburner Event in Holland about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow: What was the reason why Coroner after all split up or went on hold for so long?

Marky Edelmann: "Just because the time was right. We had done this, slowly we also had the feeling that with this style we were attracting - You have a backpack filled with all these things you had done in the past and all these people want to hear this and that and it was getting too tight to express. It was just the right time. Everybody wanted to do different music, which Tommy did. He joined Clockwork, a band that was more like crossover music, sounded a bit like Helmet. Actually, they already started when we were still together. So it was just time. We felt like we didn’t want to stop when no one wants to listen o us anymore or something like that. It was like, 'Let’s stop now.' It was good." Has it crossed your mind that about writing some new riffs and testing just for some fun?

Marky Edelmann: "No, we didn’t try anything, but of course we had the question of, 'Are we going to record something new?' I think Tommy would be up for it as well as Ron but we don’t want to do it for several reasons but for me it’s okay to do this. I would try at it doing probably just one song that we can put maybe on the DVD. We are planning a DVD filming all the shows during this reunion as well as what we do tonight (Roadburn Festival) and we want to combine this with some old footage from the first show, ’86 or ’85 in Zurich, and all the things we filmed during tours. We’ve got to put these things together. We’ll put out a DVD and maybe it will have an extra new song." There is a story that Coroner was formed by CELTIC FROST’s roadies. I guess it’s a myth ?

Marky Edelmann: "No, the thing is we were already existing before as a band but we were good friends with the guys from Celtic Frost and I was doing already then sometimes a job as drum roadie for Reed St. Mark and it was cool for me to go real quick to Belgium or something and play shows. It was always a lot of fun. Then later there was a request to join them on the US tour and that was like, 'Wow. I’ve never been in the US before' and then going on tour with bands like VOIVOD and Celtic Frost for two months, travelling through the whole United States and Canada, it was like a dream come true. As well it was cool that we were able to give away our demo tape and then promote Coroner because every time that we interviewed like we are doing now I jumped in like, 'Hey, I’m from Coroner,' so it was a pain in the ass for all the writers. But it helped a lot so we were quite known in the United States before we recorded the first record. Also, it helped that Thomas (G. Warrior) did the vocals. He helped a lot. It’s not like we were roadies and then we became a band. It was the opposite."


Coroner live at Roadburn Afterburner:

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