January 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY has begun writing material for their next album, the follow-up to the self-titled record released via Candlelight Records in late February 2012, the reissue of their Eye For An Eye debut, and recently released Scion A/V EP, Megalodon. The album, untitled at this time, will again feature the trio of vocalist/bassist Mike Dean, guitarist Woodroe Weatherman, and drummer Reed Mullin.

Last week the band announced their first live performance for the New Year at the annual Metal Fest Chile on April 13th. It will be the first Corrosion Of Conformity appearance ever in Chile.

Mike Dean comments, “We have been talking about going to South American forever and with Chile being a big source of so much of our Facebook traffic, I know it’s going to be epic. Another chance for us to do a festival with Down is always a very good thing.”

The festival follows the completion of the band’s recent US tour that concluded in southern California alongside HIGH ON FIRE. The trio was also a featured participant on Barge From Hell that left Florida shores on December 7th.

Dean notes, “The cruise was pretty awesome. We had Rick and Jonathan from TORCHE masquerading as our crew and watching their antics alone was worth the trip. The seas were calm so there was no hurling over the bow.”

Corrosion Of Conformity continues to promote the self-titled album in interviews with media as well spreading word on their recently released Megalodon EP. The EP, sponsored by the amazing folks at Scion A/V, is available for free now via various outlets.

Dean says, “The EP was written, recorded, and released in two months time. It really challenged us in a good way. It feels good to get two releases out in one year and I expect that we will continue that level of productivity.” Continuing he shares, “The self-titled album is holding up very well for me. There is a wide variety of material there. It’s all definitely COC but at the same time everything is really a stretch for us. Within the realm of never being totally satisfied, I am very happy with how it came out.”

Georgia-based Burnt Hickory Brewery is working on the official Corrosion Of Conformity Imperial Porter. It's a Rum Barrel Aged Raisin Porter. Check out the brew-masters in action below:

Burnt Hickory Brewery talks about the brew: "The beer will be named for NC's oldest and truest rock band, Corrosion of Conformity. The beer will be brewed this week and be sent into a wonderfully sublime exile for a few months. Aging in the barrel you see above it was be treated to a constant loop of the Technocracy EP for the duration of it's stay! Here, as you can see, Beavis (our beloved brewery hitman) is already in line."

A Burnt Hickory Brewery mission statement reads: Free yr mind and yr glass will follow. Small is size, Our brewery is redefining what Georgia knows of beer. World class in scope, yet so local it hurts, The Burnt Hickory Brewery is making beer to last a lifetime.

Follow the Burnt Hickory Brewery on Facebook.

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