COVEN Singer Recovering From Heart Attack

July 17, 2008, 9 years ago

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Coven Jinx Dawson, lead singer of long-running gothic/dark metallers COVEN suffered a massive heart attack early morning of July 9th. A report posted at her MySpace page reads as follows:

"As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, Jinx amazingly literally comes back from the dead.

This is the now confirmed situation on Jinx. At approximately 4 AM on July 9th she called 911 complaining of burning in her chest area and was barely able to speak. She was alone at the time. Paramedics arrived on the scene to find her passed out and unresponsive. During the ambulance ride the EMT's tried to revive her. Upon arrival to the emergency room the doctor said she had no pulse and was in the 'death spell', so they made the decision to try and shock the heart back to a beat. After many tries, her heart restarted beating. A temporary pacemaker was attached to keep her heart beating. She had a massive heart attack due to total blockage of the right artery. She was then taken to surgery.

She has told us some of this amazing journey. In the incredible humour that she has, she said the most exciting part of the entire ordeal was when she was aware that the EMT's were cutting all her clothes off on the emergency room table. That's our girl!

Late on Sunday, July 13th she left the hospital of her own accord. She is now resting at an undisclosed location. She was very concerned about all her cherished friends and associates. At this time she is way to bloodied, bruised and injured after her 'near death experience' to even get close to a PC so we are going to check in from time to time in her behalf, but do not feel we should read her mail..

We apologize to the many pages of new friends waiting to be received. She likes to send a personal comment to each new cherished friend but is unable to do so herself at this time, so we are sending her greets for her. Nor is she able to answer any of the many messages. So we are awaiting her commands. And as she would say, 'I thank thee for thy patience.'

We also know she will be furious at us, but we are going to do this anyway. Ask you, if you can, purchase a sticker, a button, a tee shirt, anything from the Coven Store clickable at the page. We feel her recuperation time will set her back a few steps and she will need this help."

In May 2008, Coven released a new CD Metal Goth Queen-Out Of The Vault with music spanning decades.

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