CRADLE OF FILTH - Dani Filth Confirms Split With Guitarist Paul Allender

July 2, 2014, 5 years ago

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Cradle Of Filth recently confirmed guitarist Paul Allender has left the band during an interview with the Bleedin' Loud podcast while discussing the making of the band's forthcoming album. He also comments on the chore of finding a replacement for Allender. Check it out below:

Bleedin' Loud Podcast #2 - June 2014 by Planet Loud Podcast on Mixcloud

Dani: "Paul Allender has left, which not everybody is aware of. We weren't planning on it, because it was the kind of thing that has been brewing for the last year or so. Not so much on a personal level, but [him] living in America and then him doing his side project (White Empress) and getting kind of lost in that."

Back in April, Dani revealed that the band had begun work on the follow-up to 2012’s The Manticore And Other Horrors:

"Fired up from the recent spate of shows in Europe with co-headliners Behemoth, the band has decided to forego the year away from writing, and leap back into the fray with vigour anew.

The crux of three songs has already been broached and I can say the material is comparable to that of Dusk, Cruelty and Midian, albeit with a fresher sound. I can't define it exactly as it incorporates a wide variety of styles and dark emotions as one would come to expect from a Cradle record. One thing is certain though, this next release is going to be pushing the boundaries of what the band can achieve, and with forthcoming live shows peppering the writing process, I know this album is going to be fuelled by 101% metal fury!"

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