CRADLE OF FILTH - Dani Filth Details Circus Clowns And Salsa Speakers; Paul Allender's Second Tour Vlog

April 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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"We are so tired that everything takes on a wonderful nausea, including getting to the venue (in Costa Rica) and discovering that all is not as it seems," states CRADLE OF FILTH vocalist Dani Filth in his latest blog.

"Yes, there are hundreds of fans already outside its doors, and yes, this country is beautiful to the extreme and the venue is huge inside, yet there are some very initial problems. Like a circus that holds a weird, mesmeric fascination but fails to deliver the clowns, it is to some embarrassment that we discover that, despite the Crewdle of Filth being here for some hours now and persevering beyond the pale, the on stage monitoring system is a complete and utter joke."

"I have played pub gigs that have had more powerful speakers, rendering our sound check into a three hour farce with everyone trying to combat the terrible sound that emanates from the amateurish speakers. When Luna (my daughter) was a child, she had a microphone that was made by a cheap electronics company that sounded way better than tonight's monitor system, that spits and fizzles its way through our sound check, with no discernible plus points other than it sounds utterly butterly shite.

What makes things worse is that there is a venue full of expectant fans who are perturbed about the length of the sound check, which doesn't really go anywhere, despite us drafting more speakers in from the next door Salsa Club to beef up the sound. I am sure that most people just think that a band arrives at a venue and immediately begins plugging in and playing, totally ignorant to the fact that there are hundreds of meticulous little signals that constitute a show and make the band and crowd actually hear what the fuck they are doing. It becomes so perilously close to the opening of doors that the cancelling of the show becomes a profound inevitability, seeing as the sound really is so bad that it seems like an absolute disaster looms on the horizon."

To learn the outcome, read the rest of Dani's blog at this location.

Meanwhile, guitarist Paul Allender has filmed his second tour vlog:

Catch COF live in support of their most recent album, The Manticore And Other Horrors, at the following shows:


20 - Carioca Club - São Paulo, Brazil
26 - Power House - Singapore, Singapore
28 - Hammersonic Metal Festival - Jakarta, Indonesia
30 - KITEC - Kowloon, Hong Kong


3 - KHS Hall - Taipei, Taiwan
5 - Rolling Hall - Seoul, Korea
9 - Hifi - Brisbane, Australia
10 - Palace Theatre - Melbourne, Australia
11 - The Hi-Fi - Sydney, Australia
12 - Metropolis - Fremantle, Australia


15 - Novarock - Nickelsdorf, Austria
23 - Hellfest - Clisson, France
29 - Hi-Voltage - Istanbul, Turkey

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