CRADLE OF FILTH - Hardback Edition Of The Gospel Of Filth: A Bible Of Decadence And Darkness Now Available

January 15, 2010, 7 years ago

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Due to enormous demand, CRADLE OF FILTH and FAB press have announced a mail-order only hardback edition of 'The Gospel Of Filth: A Bible Of Decadence And Darkness, a much larger limited run that will now serve as a stepping stone between the elitist Bible-style version, and the forthcoming, slimmer, bookstore paperback, in shops soon.

Vokillist and Gospel co-pilot Dani Filth had this to answer for on the subject:

"Such was the rush to obtain the extremely limited grimoire version of the book that many people went without, and at Christmas too! And as promised, this was a one-off strictly limited rare book print-run, never to be repeated again, so tough bloody luck.

However, the publishers suggested a more than modest alternative for those desperate to get their claws on this legendary tome, and thus the novel idea of a hardback (in delicate swathes of midnight blue nonetheless) was illicitly conceived. This features exactly the same written content as the Bible edition, minus the executive, decorative thrills, (i.e it still has my chapter!) and because of this less attention to detail, it is also far less expensive."

To order your hardback copy of 'The Gospel Of Filth: A Bible Of Decadence And Darkness, click here.

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