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January 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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After 18 years, one EP and five full-length albums, Norwegian masters CREST OF DARKNESS are back with their most complete, extreme and intense release so far. The ten-track album, titled In The Presence Of Death, is the band’s sixth full-length release and amply demonstrates that Crest Of Darkness are masters of the genre both in terms of writing and musicianship. It is, in fact, an album that has been described by many as the very essence of extreme metal.

Tracklisting for In The Presence Of Death, which is set for release on My Kingdom Music on February 25th, is as follows:


'In The Presence Of Death'

'Demon Child'


'The Priest From Hell'

'Welcome To My Funeral'

'Womb Of The Wolf'

'Vampire Dreams'

'From The Dead'

'The Day Before She Died'

Check out an album trailer below:

Formed in the mid-nineties by frontman Ingar Amlien, Crest Of Darkness is a totally different beast from his former band CONCEPTION, which at that time was at the peak of its popularity. Whilst Conception tended towards the progressive side of power metal, Crest Of Darkness allowed Amlien to indulge his passion for sonic brutality and his interest in vampirism and Satanic ideology, both of which are reflected in the band’s lyrics. Aside from Amlien on bass and vocals, Crest Of Darkness’ lineup includes Rebo on guitars, Kjetil Hektoen on drums and the recently recruited DJEVELKULT guitaristJan Fredrik Solheim.

Eight tracks from Crest Of Darkness can be heard via the band’s SoundCloud page, below:

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The official video for the track 'Druj Nasu' from the Crest Of Darkness album Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil, can be seen below:

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