CREST OF DARKNESS Issue Post-Summer Update

September 22, 2005, 13 years ago

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CREST OF DARKNESS have issued the following update via their website


"What's happened this summer?!

Some of you might now that Ingar has joined his old bandmates from CONCEPTION to play a few reunion concerts this autumn. Because of this, and the fact that it has been pretty silent around Crest Of Darkness in recent months, some people are wondering what's happening with Crest Of Darkness now?

To make it clear: Ingar is giving his "dark child" Crest Of Darkness the highest priority also in the future!!! He has of course laid quite a lot of work into Conception as they have been preparing themselves for their "comeback", but all through the summer Crest Of Darkness has worked on new material for their forthcoming album.

Crest Of Darkness has also played a few selected concerts, and they are also going to make the live-DVD which has been planned for a while.

On this site you'll get the latest information about all this things also in the future!!"

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