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June 17, 2006, 13 years ago

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Steve Saks at recently conducted an interview with original CRUMBSUCKERS members legendary Chris Notaro (vocals) and Gary Meskil (bass; PRO-PAIN) to discuss their upcoming 20th anniversary reunion show and take a look at the band's past. The following is a brief excerpt:

Steve Saks: I was at the record release party for your debut album Crumbsuckers "Life Of Dreams" at the Danceteria in New York City. I still remember that show, you guys totally killed that night. What are some of your memories of that night? And some of your fondest memories of that era?

Gary Meskil: "Danceteria was a great club, and as I recall, the Life Of Dreams record release party there was a blast. Crumbsuckers were my first band, and so I have lots of great memories from those days. Getting signed and releasing our very first record was so exciting, as were the many local gigs, the US B.O.M.B. Tour, and our first Euro Tour in 1988. Sharing the stage with bands like MEGADETH and ANTHRAX was a huge thrill for us as well.

Chris Notaro: "I'd have to agree with Gary, in that because Life Of Dreams was our first album, it was really a new experience for us and was very exciting."

SS: How did it feel being apart of the New York Hardcore (NYHC) scene at that time? And what obstacles did you come across because of your Metal side? Life Of Dreams in my opinion was so groundbreaking for it's time. There weren't any bands that played as fast and heavy with excellent guitar playing and had someone singing with that raspy hardcore style or sing as fast as Chris Notaro did, I think that helped separate you guys from the other bands of your era as well would you agree with that?

Chris: "Being a part of the NYHC scene was a very natural thing for us, since we had grown up on all the music from the NYC scene. It was like, one week you'd be checking out some bands at a CBGB's Sunday matinee, then the next week you'd be jamming there. The Crumbsuckers never came across any obstacles because of our metal side. We were a killer hardcore band that had great song writing abilities in large part due to Gary Meskil, and we had a blond surfer lookin dude with a white flying V , which was a bit of an oddity at places like CBGB's and A7 , however Chuck Lenihan didn't leave room for protest, because he tore it up on that guitar, and everyone in the audience whether a punk, metal head or skinhead couldn't deny that the Crumbsuckers ripped it up."

To read the entire interview go to this location.

As previously reported, Crumbsuckers will be reuniting for a special show to mark the 20th anniversary of their classic Life Of Dreams release. The band, featuring Notara, Meskil, Chuck Lenihan (guitar; GENITORTURERS) and Dan Richardson (drums; LIFE OF AGONY, PRO-PAIN, STEREOMUD), will be accompanied by an as-yet-undetermined second guitarist for a reunion concert in New York City on August 3rd at B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill. Further details on the show can be found at this location.

Crumbsuckers released two full-length albums through the Combat label - 1986's Life Of Dreams and 1988's Beast On My Back - before finally calling it a day in the early '90s. Several members embarked on a melodic metal venture called HEAVY RAIN, but that band was short-lived. The rhythm section of Meskil and Richardson went on to Pro-Pain, while Chuck Lenihan ended up with Genitorturers.

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