CYNTHESIS Release New Album; Full Stream, Track-By-Track Commentary Available

June 4, 2013, 6 years ago

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Sensory Records has released the second album from Pleasanton, California-based progressive metal outfit CYNTHESIS. Cynthesis reunites three of the original members of top-tier extreme progressive band ZERO HOUR - brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (guitars and bass, respectively, both also of ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS) and vocalist Erik Rosvold, along with ENCHANT drummer Sean Flanagan.

Formed in 2010, Cynthesis released their debut album DeEvolution through Sensory in April of 2011, causing celebration within the prog community with these members aligning, and in some cases realigning, their talents. Following another massive undertaking and countless hours of constructing and executing this new album, now two years later, the middle part of the dystopian trilogy is about to see the light of day as ReEvolution. A shaman, the central character of the series, is sent out to gather more slaves. He comes across a tribe and senses a light within them that triggers a distant memory of his past, making him realize that this is the original tribe he was taken from. He brings them back to the city and encounters what was done to the population and sets them free.

ReEvolution was mixed and co-produced by Forrester Savell and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, and features nearly forty-five minutes of some of the most creative and imaginative progressive metal likely to be released this year.

The cover artwork by Mario Sánchez Nevado can be seen below:

ReEvolution tracklisting:

'Divine Night'


'The Grand Façade'

'A Most Trivial Pursuit'

'Persistence Of Visions'

'The Noble Lie'

'Release The Deity'

ReEvolution can be heard streaming in its entirety below:

Check out a track-by-track breakdown of ReEvolution by vocalist Erik Rosvold:

'Divine Night': "The journey back to the city. May the shadows fall and so display, a righteous path and show us the way."

'Convergence' (instrumental)

'The Grand Facade': "They scale the cities walls. Within they witness the oppressed masses of 'porcelain women and mannequin men' who follow a 'straight and narrow course, not by willing but by force.'"

'A Most Trivial Pursuit': "A key is handed to him by one of the oppressed in the line, 'the one with lucid eyes.' Upon seeing this the others break rank and pursue the tribe. In the resulting melee he finds himself at a door. 'Now I'm at the door I feel as if I've been here before. Angels sin for me, if beyond lies the answer I hold the key.'"

'Persistence Of Visions': "He opens the door to find a hallway filled with immense screens outlining plans for the populace. Realizing he was made a frontman for their schemes he smashes them to pieces. In doing so a chamber is revealed. 'Through shattered glass he will pass, phantasms meet your iconoclast.'"

'The Noble Lie': "Four figures appear before me, four to rule over the innocent. He poses a series of questions to them and in the end: 'I touch them, tear off their shrouds, each face a state of my being and each one falls to the ground.'"

'Release The Deity': "From a prisoner to a prophet as a prophet I return. Now knowing the essence of his origin he transforms into a being of light."

More on Cynthesis at this location.

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