DARKANE Guitarist Klas Ideberg - "A Decent Amount Of Change Is Needed To Be Able To Write Music And Have Fun With It"

July 9, 2013, a year ago

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Swedish melodic death metal act DARKANE recently released their Prosthetic Records debut, The Sinister Supremacy, in North America. The album marks the first new music from the band in five years, as well as the return of vocalist Lawrence Mackrory (who left the band after their 1999 debut, Rusted Angel).
Greece's Rock Overdose recently caught up with guitarist Klas Ideberg. An excerpt from the interview is available below: Rock Overdose : You have added significant innovations in your style. Do you think that a band have to stay committed in one style or try different things sometimes? Klas Ideberg: "No, I definitely have to say that as a band you shouldn’t stay exactly the same all the time. We strongly believe that you cannot change the style too much, but a decent amount of change is needed to be able to write music and have fun with it, at least I think so. Changing too much wouldn’t be good either because then many would be disappointed." Rock Overdose : Your DVD “Layers of Live” it’s the start of a new age for Darkane. What have changed since then? Would you choose to alter some things of the past if you had the chance? Klas Ideberg: "Well, many things have changed in our personal lives, but for the band the change of vocalist has been the most positive thing and I wouldn’t like too change that for the life of it. This line-up is the original one and the best sounding in my ears. Both Andreas and Jens did a great job as vocalists though. If I would have altered some things in the past I would definitely say that we should have employed a booking agent or a manager of some kind working for the band. When it came to touring in 'the old days' we didn’t tour that much even though we wanted to because we didn’t anyone working for us (bad career move, haha). But now, when we all have steady jobs and families, we are offered more tours than we ever have before. We all want to tour a lot, but begging our bosses to be off work for 6 weeks isn’t that easy unfortunately, so we have to choose carefully. That was easier when we were younger. So if we would have changed those things in the past we might have been in a different situation now, you know, living of the music and such." Go to this location for the complete interview. Darkane recently posted the final studio documentary called The Making Of The Sinister Supremacy. Check out all three parts below:
The Sinister Supremacy tracklisting: 'Sounds Of Pre-Exsistence' 'The Sinister Supremacy' 'Mechanically Divine' 'Ostracized' 'The Decline' 'Insurrection Is Imminent' 'In the Absence Of Pain' 'Humanity Defined' 'Hate Repentance State' 'Collapse Of Illusions' 'By Darkness Designed' 'Existence Is Just A State Of Mind' Audio samples of all tracks on the album can be found at this location.
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