DARKTHRONE - New 7" Single Limited To 2,000 Copies; Available Exclusively Online

October 4, 2006, 12 years ago

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Snapper Music (www.snappermusic.com) has issued the following details for the new DARKTHRONE single., 'Forebyggende Krig':

Numbered Ltd/Edition 7" vinyl, Ltd. to 2,000 copies - Online Exclusive! Not available anywhere else.

Coming up to 20 years of existence and with 12 albums behind them, one of the early originators and still leaders of the Norwegian black metal scene Darkthrone release a limited 7” vinyl single in the shape of ‘Forebyggende Krig’ and show that it is still done their way or no way.

The single features the title track on side A, which is lifted from their latest masterpiece, The Cult Is Alive with its CELTIC FROST-ish blend of ingenious structure and riffs.

Uncompromising and unpredictable as Darkthrone always are, on side B there is a completely exclusive track (and perhaps an unexpected one) in the shape of the cover-song 'Bad Attitude', which was originally by little-known American punk rockers TESTORS, and was recorded in the late-70’s.

The vocals on ‘Bad Attitude’ are handled by Fenriz, with backing vocals carried out by Nocturno Culto.

The ‘Forebyggende Krig’ 7” is an online exclusive. It is a numbered Limited Edition 7" vinyl and there are only 2,000 copies, making this an essential collector’s item.

This product is available to pre-order and will be shipped from November 23rd, 2006

Please note that your payment will be processed upon receipt of order.

Any other items ordered at the same time will not be despatched until November 23rd, 2006.

Place orders at this location.

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