Dave Navarro Turns Real-Life Drama Into TV Show

August 31, 2006, 12 years ago

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Thanks to Katy Kroll of Billboard.com for the following:

THE PANIC CHANNEL guitarist and co-host of Rock Star: Supernova, Dave Navarro, has co-created a new TV series that goes behind the scenes to show what it's really like playing in a well-known rock band. Dubbed The Product, the one-hour drama was recently picked up by FX.

It was created in tandem with Entourage writer Cliff Dorfman and journalist Neil Strauss, who assisted Navarro with his book, Don't Try This At Home. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

"Basically, it's the life of a rock band as a dysfunctional family," says Navarro. "It's almost a show about a rock band's relationships and inner struggles more so than it is about a rock band playing music."
"You'll never see the band performing or hear their songs," he continues. "And the fact that it's a one-hour drama gives us a lot of room to really get into things. It's not comedy [and] it's not Spinal Tap. It's pretty raw, actually."

The Panic Channel's debut album, (ONe), was released earlier this month via Capitol Records. For now, the lone performances on the group's schedule are Sept. 6th in celebration of the Suicide Girls' fifth anniversary in Los Angeles and Oct. 8th as part of Buzzfest in Woodlands, Texas.

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