DECIBEL Commence Work On New Material

September 23, 2007, 11 years ago

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Brent Doerner's DECIBEL (featuring the former HELIX guitarist) has issued the following update:

"Well, well - it's been a busy few weeks - and we're writing and working on lots of ideas. Shane Schedler has come up with his best guitar licks to date, and we've come up with our newest tune 'Get Your Game On', a high energy boogie tune. Hills has been here vocal jamming on some new stuff too. I've also been helping Kaleb Duck (a good friend of ours) with some of his ideas as well. Brian Vollmer (Helix singer) was also here recording some stuff for a radio station in the states - best wishes as always Brian.

We went for a bike ride down to Brantford to visit Ian Crichton and Daryl from SAGA. They were busy adding guitar tracks to the new Saga CD - 10,000 days, at Ian's house. I couldn't help but notice the new Saga promo posters with Brian Doerner (also ex-Helix drummer) front and center!"

Decibel's debut self-titled CD was produced by Brent Doerner and recorded at The Bunker studio in Kitchener. It was mastered by Rick Hutt in September 2006 and was quietly released following mastering. The band includes Dan Laurin - drums, Chick Schumilas - guitars, Shane Schedler - guitars/vocals, and Brent Doerner - guitars/vocals. At the time of recording the band did not have a bass player, so they opted to have Mike Benedictis step in.

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