DEF LEPPARD’s Phil Collen: “The Weight I’m Benching Is Ridiculous”

July 23, 2013, 4 years ago

news rock hard def leppard caught up with DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen and he talked about rock and fitness, pigging out on dairy-free ice cream, kickboxing, and Def Leppard on Broadway.

An excerpt of the chat: How much are you benching these days?

Collen: “The weight that I'm benching is ridiculous. When we were in Vegas [for our residency], I benched 380 pounds, and I only weigh 155. I could never do that before. I couldn't even dream of it. I think if you're consistent, that's the thing. You have to have a balanced diet and keep the well clean. You'd be amazed what you can do as you get older. It blows me away. I never thought I'd be able to do this stuff at this age.” What's more difficult: shredding 32nd notes at 100 beats per minute or bench-pressing 380 pounds?

Collen: “It's really funny you should say that because if you're playing all the time when you're on tour, if you come off tour and leave it for a week or two, the stuff that you can do on tour all of a sudden just disappears. That goes for anything, any sport or physical activity or mental thing. You can get it back, but you just have to step outside of your comfort zone for a little while.”

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