DELAIN Stream Sample Of 'Your Body Is A Battleground' Featuring NIGHTWISH's Marco Hietala

February 12, 2014, 3 years ago

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Symphonic metallers DELAIN will release their new album, The Human Contradiction, on the following dates:

Germany/Austria/Switzerland - April 4th

UK, Rest of Europe - April 7th

North America - April 8th

The first audio sample for the The Human Contradiction has been made available. The sample is of the song 'Your Body Is A Battleground', which features special guest Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH). Listen here.

Delain recently checked in with the following update: "And yet another guest performance for our upcoming record The Human Contradiction. We're proud to announce the return of: George Oosthoek (ex-ORPHANAGE).

The collaboration between Delain and George goes way back! He already performed with us on our debut, Lucidity, and has often joined us at live gigs over the years. His brutal grunts don't find their equal easily, and since our upcoming record The Human Contradiction in many ways re?ects back on our earlier work that featured his grunts, we are very excited about this reunion!"

Delain recently announced THE AGONIST vocalist Alissa White-Gluz as a guest vocalist for the new album. An update from the band reads: “We are really excited about Alissa’s addition to our new record! Alissa needs no introduction: we love her great, versatile and powerful vocal style and after spending time on the road with Alissa on our tour with KAMELOT last fall, we simply needed her awesomeness Both Alissa’s clean vocals and signature screams are featured on the record’s finale ‘The Tragedy Of The Commons’. We can’t wait to share the song with you!”

Alissa states: "After a couple days of touring with Delain, I HAD to go buy a cd or two. This band blew me away with their intelligent songs, energetic yet extremely precise live show and overall charisma. Sure enough, after buying an album at their merch table and listening to it on repeat while working out, my suspicions were confirmed: DELAIN IS AN AWESOME BAND! I'm very flattered and honored to participate in their upcoming album. I see Delain going very far, I wish them nothing but success and I'm glad to contribute my share!”

Delain also recently announced NIGHTWISH vocalist Marco Hietala as guest vocalist. The band said: “"We are very excited about the much anticipated return of vocal force Marco Hietala on our upcoming record. After our collaboration with Marco on our first two albums we can’t help but hearing his voice in some of the songs we write! We love his contributions on The Human Contradiction: Marco adds greatly to the power of 'Your Body Is A Battleground' as well as to the melancholia of 'Sing To Me'."

Marco states: “I've done quite a few visitations on select albums during my career. Delain and their albums are among the most frequent. If you listen to their stuff, you´ll know why. Martijn and his group seem to have plenty to say both musically and lyrically. Keep it up mates!”

The Human Contradiction tracklisting:

'Here Come The Vultures'

'Your Body Is A Battleground'


'My Masquerade'

'Tell Me, Mechanist'

'Sing To Me'

'Army Of Dolls'


'The Tragedy Of The Commons'

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