DEREK ST. HOLMES - Legendary TED NUGENT Singer’s Many Irons In The Fire

January 8, 2008, 12 years ago

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By Martin Popoff

Soulful singer fer miles DEREK ST. HOLMES has had a stellar classic rock career, singing, writing and playing rhythm guitar on TED NUGENT’s biggest albums, also playing with AEROSMITH’s Brad Whitford in WHITFORD ST. HOLMES as well as MICHAEL SCHENKER on his Built To Destroy album.

St. Holmes has a number of irons in the fire, including a possible collaborator with the Whackmaster himself, for which he helped create the classic Ted Nugent, Free For All and Cat Scratch fever albums…

“Let’s see, we just finished a Paul Reed Smith album, who is the founder of the guitar company; we just finished a PRS guitar album, and I sang I think nine out of the ten on that album, and co-wrote seven or eight of them. Let’s see, what else? I’m singing on and co-producing an album with a band called BLOOD OF THE SUN, sort of a ‘70s classic rock band in Dallas, Texas, all Texas boys, and they are so into the ‘70s that they even buy their old vintage ‘70s stuff online. So we’re talking clothing and gear. They’re really a lot of fun; they sound really good. So I’m working on that. I’m working on a second Derek St. Holmes album, for which I have about six of the songs completed. I’ve got four more that I’m working on, so I want it to be ten songs. But in the wonderful world of downloading for 99 cents, what’s the worth in making ten songs on an album, let alone 15? It’s kind of crazy, so I’m trying to figure that out in the new year. Let’s see, I’m working with two young children, two girls, who are incredible singers, and they are sisters. I’ve recorded one song that we co-wrote and we’re recording a few more, so that’s going to be an incredibly new talent coming out this year.”

What is the direction of your new solo material?

“It’s still a little bit of the… I guess sort of, not really r&b-flavoured;, just kind of new music I’m coming up with. Not hard though. I don’t know, I’m not at the point where I’m young enough to start slamming like JUDAS PRIEST or something. But we’ve got that animal, and I’ve just finished a trailer for a movie which is called Heavy Petting, a romantic comedy, and doing the soundtrack for a new horror movie called Dead Girl, so just working on that. That starts here in the next couple weeks. So I’ll be busy for quite a while.”

Notably, Derek’s website has been taken down, but have no fear, he’s up and running with a fairly info- and visual-stuffed myspace page, at

“Yes, I shut that down, but I have a MySpace page run by friend of mine, this lady Lucy, who also does PAUL RODGERS’ MySpace. I’ll be putting up a photo there of myself and Paul which we took at the LED ZEPPELIN show. Also, I’ve got a new production company with my girlfriend called My Baby Productions - Shelley is quite the businesswoman, so she is co-writing that with me. I’m also looking to produce and arrange and ready to play and get back on the road as well. I went out, the very last part of the year, and did five shows with Nugent. And those were incredible. He was very nice, very giving, nice… I mean, we got along better than we ever did. And I think he’s just a different person - and so am I. I guess we’re just older, more mature. So in the future we’re talking about writing an album together, hopefully in the next... well, I don’t know, the next, hopefully by March. So he’s excited about that. He called me and said, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to get together and write the perfect album. Let’s get it done.’ He said he couldn’t do it anytime in January and February because he’s doing a movie with TOBY KEITH, the country star.”

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