DESTINY Reunite With Drummer After 15 Hiatus

May 5, 2013, 4 years ago

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Long-running Gothenburg-based progressive heavy metal band DESTINY have been reunited with their drummer Kane after fifteen years.

According to a band update, "Kane first joined Destiny in 1994. Then known as Håkan Svantesson he recorded the album The Undiscovered Country (released in 1998) before quitting both Destiny and playing the drums. Some years later Kane once again picked up his drums and made a serious comeback playing with bands like EVIL'S EVE and FRETLESS amongst others. When Roger Christiansson a couple of weeks ago suddenly and unexpectedly decided to leave Destiny, Kane was the obvious first choice to replace him. After just a few rehearsals Kane had picked up most of the songs for the new live set and agreed to rejoin Destiny. Destiny today consist of singer Jonas Heidgert, bassist Stefan Björnshög, guitarist Michael Åberg, keyboardist Carl Dahlberg and drummer Kane."

Destiny is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with the digital worldwide release of their back catalog via 44 Skull Records and a new album called The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology. Another completely new album, Global Warming, is almost completed and will be released in 2014.

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