DEVILDRIVER Frontman Dez Fafara Featured In New Audio Interview

December 1, 2011, 3 years ago

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DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara recently spoke with Denmark's Revolution Music. Check out the audio interview here.
Fafara, also the co-founder and vocalist of 90’s alt-metal (or “spooky-core” as coined by devout fans) band COAL CHAMBER, recently announced an upcoming reformation of the band specifically for Soundwave shows. He recently discussed the reunion in an interview with Alternative Music Hub. An excerpt is available below: Q: How excited are you to play as Coal Chamber again? Dez: "Very excited; it has been a slow progression. Meegs and Mikey started to come around in 05. They came around to a sold out DevilDriver show in California and Meegs pulled my wife aside and apologised to her about everything that went that caused my family to move into a 1 bedroom apartment and start all over again. I thought that was rather big hearted of him and they were off hard drugs for 2 – 3 years then. Cut to 09 Meegs came up to DevilDriver to play Loco with us on stage in Pasadena. Footage here. At the end of it he came up and gave me a hug and said “I want to do this in the future”. Now in 2011 we are talking about doing shows. They have been off the hard drugs for some time so they can play at 100% capacity. We want to bring back the Ten Ton Gorilla back on the stage."
Q: That is good to hear as the drugs were an issue that caused the break up. Dez: "When I left Coal Chamber I told the press I was leaving because I wanted to go a different musical direction. But what I did was take the high road and not say in front of their wives, parents and families all of whom I have known for years. That “Hey, they are so strung out on drugs they are going to be dead”. I just took the high road and said I was leaving. That was good because I never went against them in the press. It allowed them to get clean and allowed us to be friends. I realised that every night I was on stage with a microphone in my hand, I was putting money in their pockets which lead to putting drugs into their hands. Once we stopped going on stage as Coal Chamber, their money ran out, their fame ran out and they eventually had to get clean. Now that they are alive, what more do you need to say apart from, my friends are alive and want to play music." Q: That is a good perspective to put on the situation. Dez: "It was devastating at first as I had a family. But started new with DevilDriver; getting back in a van and opening for everyone that had opened for Coal Chamber. Many bands repaid the favour; some bands who I helped out with their beginning didn’t help. It was rough; I was feeling it with my heart. Now they are too, they want to be on stage with me and want to be on stage with them. It is for the love of the music." Go to this location for the complete interview.

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