DEVILMENT To Cover ANNIHILATOR Classic 'Alison Hell'; Jeff Waters Confirmed As Special Guest

April 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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Ipswich, Suffolk, UK-based DEVILMENT have checked in with the following update:

"We would like to announce that our second special guest on the DEVILMENT album will be Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR. We will be recording a version of the Annihilator track 'Alison Hell'. Jeff will be doing the guitar solo for us, we are truly excited to be working with him. Check out the original version here..."

As previously reported, CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth recently joined Devilment. Originally formed by Daniel J Finch back in late 2011 amidst a bout of religious delirium, the band back then consisted of Simon Dawson on drums (STEVE HARRIS, ex-DEARLY BEHEADED), Justin Walker (13 CANDLES) handling bass and Kieron De-Courci (ex-THE VOICE) on keyboards with the band experiencing a myriad of problems holding down a stable vocalist. Dani Filth entered and agreed to help out on a couple tracks which then transformed into a studio demo. With the departure of Dawson, Walker, and Boast, Devilment collected Nick Johnson on bass, Dan Jackson on guitar and Aaron Boast on drums.

Check out a new Q&A; session with the band, including Dani, below:

According to a press release, "October 2012 to the present day has proved to be a very productive time for the band, with a further five songs written towards a debut album, as well as the refinement of older material that a new, gelatinous line-up has dictated (plus a fistful of cool covers to boot…). So, with 2013 well underway, the band are looking mightily forward to the warmer months, a near-future that promises to be rife with the onset of a new plague of bewitchment and Devilment!"

The band has now uploaded four demo tracks on YouTube.

'Psycho Babble':

'Staring At The Werewolf Corps':

'Bloodlust, Rust, & Empire':

'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me':

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