DEVIN TOWNSEND - 'Birthday Song' Pledge For CASUALTIES OF COOL Crowd Funding Campaign Back By Popular Demand; Preview Available

March 29, 2014, 3 years ago

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Canuck legend DEVIN TOWNSEND recently launched a pledge music campaign to finance his forthcoming CASUALTIES OF COOL album, which reached its goal in under 12 hours. Pledges continue to come in, with the surplus being directed to his work on the next Ziltoid record.

Townsend's web team has checked in with the following update:

"Due to very popular demand (and because Devin thinks he can actually do loads of them) the 'Birthday Song' pledge has been made available again. No limit set on it but we'll cut it off as soon as we'll get a nervous breakdown from thinking about how to deliver so many files to all who pledged.

Once you've pledged you can also see an exclusive video update of Devin singing one as an example. Enjoy!"

Check out a preview here.

Townsend recently offered some more information on the crowd funding campaign for Casualties Of Cool, which was due to run for three months. Townsend has stated previously that the additional funds will be dedicated to his next Ziltoid record, Z2:

Townsend: "It'll go into funding all sorts of Ziltoid stuff (video, comic book, movie?, ZTV, Z Radio, etc) making it a lot bigger than any money we'd get from the record label can do. The Ziltoid album is part of the record deal with Centry Media so we can't do crowd funding specifically for it, at least not one that includes any music formats."

Be sure to check out the music player where you can listen to Casualties Of Cool's 'Forgive Me' which you can also download for free in the 'update' section. All pledges include a free download of the album upon the May 14th release date and everyone who pledges will receive regular updates from Devin and Ché plus exclusive downloads.

For more details visit Facebook.

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