DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen On The Retinal Circus - "The Most Epic Ending To Any Show I Have Ever Played In My Life"

November 3, 2012, 4 years ago

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On October 27th, Canadian singer/guitarist/producer DEVIN TOWNSEND launched his biggest accomplishments to date: The Retinal Circus. Taking place at London's historic Roundhouse venue, this one-night only extravaganza was sold out for over a year. It was filmed for both DVD and Blu-Ray, and is likely to be released sometime in the second quarter 2013 via InsideOutMusic.

Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen issued the following comment with regards to fan-filmed video of the song 'Grace' from the set:

"The most epic ending to any show I have EVER played in my life. What a night at Retinal Circus..... 'Grace' live. The end of the song gives me goosebumps every time."

Townsend's long time tour manager Paul Collis has issued the following recap of the event:

"It has taken a few days to sink in and I'm not normally overwhelmed easily, and I don't normally wear my heart on my sleeve so to speak, but here is a picture of possibly the proudest moment of my life so far. As the confetti went off at the end of Devin Townsend's Retinal Circus penultimate song 'Grace' and the incredible spectacle that it was had been pulled off I was in awe of everyone who had made it happen. The task was basically impossible but with a sheer will to make it work over 100 people came together for two days and made it happen. It was nothing but an idea and a script on paper at 10:00am on Friday morning and by 8:00pm on Saturday night it was performed in its 3 hour entirety, I cannot emphasise enough how vulnerable that made this show and how easy it would have been for it to be a complete fail, but Devin is not afraid to put himself out there and take that risk, and with that lead all cast and crew came together with the same incredible passion, commitment and hard work and created The Retinal Circus!"

The complete setlist on the night was as follows:


'True North'

'Lucky Animals'

'Planet Of The Apes'



'Planet Smasher'





'Colour Your World'

'The Greys'

(15 minute intermission)

'Hyperdrive!' (acoustic)


'Where We Belong'


'Bend It Like Bender'





'Wild Colonial Boy'


'Little Pig'

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