DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Launch "Deathray" Lyric Video

October 6, 2014, 4 years ago

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DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Launch "Deathray" Lyric Video

Devin Townsend Project have released a very special lyric video for the track "Deathray" taken from the Dark Matters half of their forthcoming album Z², which is due for release on October 27th worldwide. That video can be viewed below:

Townsend recently announced the launch of ZTV, a brand new video series starring the inimitable Ziltoid, as well as a brand new interactive site dedicated to him. Following on from the announcement of the Z² double-album, , the newest glimpse into the Ziltoid story can be viewed at

Check out Episode 1 of ZTV below:

Devin had this to say: “Hey guys! Devin here... been a few weeks since the Z2 album was delivered, and we've been getting everything ready for the upcoming tours and the release of the records. As I've mentioned, Z2 is an experiment for me in trying different mediums to illustrate a concept, and as such...I'm really excited to present to you the new Ziltoid website and the first of three ZTV episodes leading up to the album release! The crowd-funding campaign has allowed me to actualize Ziltoid and its music in ways I'd always hoped for, and the idea with the three web episodes is to set up the concept of the album. This first one is less over the top than it gets by episode three, but it needs to establish the whole story before it gets more absurd. It is a great pleasure to be able to do this, and was an awesome experience (other than having to explain to management and family why I spent so much money on puppets. Thank you for the support and allowing me to continue.”

The Devin Townsend Project's Z² double album is divided into Sky Blue (Part 1) and Dark Matters (Part 2). Several new pieces of promo art have been posted on Townsend's official Facebook page and can be viewed below:







Townsend is featured in a new interview with the UK-based Independent discussing his forthcoming double-album release:

Townsend: "The first disc, Sky Blue, is the next step up from Epicloud but the melodies aren’t as basic, it’s a lot more melancholy, it’s maybe a little more washed out colour wise, it’s not as vibrant, but it really speaks for the fact that I couldn’t do a happy record right now, that’s not where I was at.

My view on the second disc, Dark Matters, is different again. Seven years have gone by since the first Ziltoid. That was a really psychological record for me and he was a representation of me at that time, you know, I’d just had a kid, I was coming out of drugs and quitting my band, Strapping Young Lad, stuff like that. I just don’t care about that stuff as much as I did.

I’ve got other kids around me now like, my sister’s kids and my neighbour’s kids and they became really interested in Ziltoid and started giving me ideas for the story. So Z² ended up being like a story for kids, just with really savage music, orchestras, choirs and all that stuff. I started thinking about 'Who am I trying to reach with this record?'"

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Following the announcement of the long-awaited new Devin Townsend Project album, Z², and the subsequent lightning-fast sell out of London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall venue for his show on April 13th next year, they can now reveal an extensive run of European shows for 2015 which will include support from Periphery and Shining. They have already announced US dates with Animals As Leaders.  

Devin: "Now that the recording and mixing for Z2 is finished, it's time to gear up for touring again! There's a bunch of events coming up, and one of them that I'm extremely proud to announce is a European headlining tour with support from the incredible Periphery and the insane Shining!

That's a heck of a lineup I think, each band is doing something unique from each other, yet are really well defined. It will be an opportunity for us to explore our back catalogue as well as the Z2 albums, Sky Blue and Dark Matters (from the upcoming double album, Z2).

One of the greatest things about doing this for as long as I have is that we get to do these sorts of awesome events. I can't even begin to express how honoured I am to share the stage with these incredible bands, and to have such overwhelming support from the audience lately. It's honestly just an absolute pleasure to do this.

So it is with great pride I invite you to the show! Hopefully we come near you, let's do this!"



Album trailer:


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