DIABOLICAL - New Album Art, Release Date Revealed; More Tour Dates Confirmed

February 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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Neogenesis, the fifth studio album from Sweden's DIABOLICAL will be released on April 19th via Vici Solum Productions.

Guitarist Tobias comments: "It is with great pleasure that we finally get to share this album with the world. We have put in a tremendous amount of effort into this recording and spent the most part of the last six months in Studio Necromorbus. I think we have raised the bar for ourselves a lot with 'Neogenesis' both with the songwriting and the recording. It has been tough, but very interesting for us as well."

The album artwork can be viewed below:

Neogenesis will contain the following 11 tracks:

'Into Oblivion'




'World In Silence'

'Reincarnation Of The Damned'

'Fields Of Nihil'

'Dialogue With The Dead'

'Wolves' Choir'

'The Age To Come'


Guitarist Carl: "Originally I wanted someone else to do the artwork for us this time since I've done it for the last two releases and I also wanted to focus on the recording. However, in the end we didn't find what we were looking for with any artist, so I once again took on the task. I wanted to make something that reflected the philosophical and spiritual aspects of this album and I had a vision of what I wanted. I discussed it with Pär and he and I realised the idea by him making a painting which I mixed with photos of all of us in the band, so what you see on the cover artwork is actually a band photo with all of us combined into one face blended with Pär's painting. On top of that I added a lot of symbols that are significant to the concept of 'Neogenesis'."

The band has also uploaded a third episode of the studio diary documenting the recording of Neogenesis. Check out all three below:

Diabolical have added a Second Chapter to the Neogenesis Tour that will start off on the April 12th with dates throughout Europe until the April 21th with SOREPTION and DEATHBREED. The first chapter of the Neogenesis Tour features Souldrainer and Warheim, which begins March 1st.

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