DOYLE Invites Fans To Create His Next Music Video

October 23, 2013, 3 years ago

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DOYLE wants the fans to make a music video for any song on their new album Abominator, as part of their new Land of the Evil video contest. The Grand Prize is one Oktober Annihilator Guitar signed by Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein himself (retail $750, signed)! For the official rules visit this location.

How to enter:

- Create a music video for any song off of the brand new Doyle album, Abominator. The song chosen is to be used as recorded - no mashups, night core, manipulation of the recording, or mixing with other copyrighted material allowed. Anyone can enter!
- Deadline for entry is midnight on November 21st. To enter, log in to your YouTube account and upload your video. Set the privacy settings to public title it “Land of the Evil video contest” and tag it “DOYLE Abominator and ‘song used’” and send the link to Only entries submitted by the deadline will be eligible to win the Land of the Evil Video Contest. You will receive notice via email that your entry has been accepted once the contest administrator checks it for compliance with the rules.

- After you submit, make your video public and begin showing everyone why you should win! Share with your friends, spread the word, and ramp up as much support as you can for your submission. Your ability to promote your work via legitimate means will factor in during judging.
-You can use your imagination and create any kind of video you want, lyric video, prank video, music video, horror video, zombie stripper video, whatever you see in your creative mind. On November 27th, Doyle will judge the contest and announce the winner.

Grand Prize - Annihilator Guitar:

The finalist will receive (1) Oktober Annihilator Guitar signed by Doyle, Merch bundle in an embroidered travel bag (2) T-shirts of your choice, Doyle’s made in hell hot sauce and a signed CD and a special Skype session with Doyle and Autographed Picture of Doyle.

2 runners up prizes:

Each will receive: Merch bundle in an embroidered travel bag (2) Tshirts of your choice, Doyle’s made in hell hot sauce and a signed CD.

Judging and winner notification:

Judging Criteria:

Relevance: How well does the video submission reflect the theme of the contest and does it have universal appeal?

Creativity: We’re excited to see your interpretation and unique perspective, whatever that may be!

Social Engagement: Posts, tweets, comments, views, likes, that they drive traffic to their video.

Winner Selection and Notification

Three finalists will be chosen by Doyle's management. Finalists will be contacted by e-mail within seven days after contest closes and select entries will be featured on the Doyle's website. The grand prize winner will be chosen by Doyle himself no later than seven days after contest closes. Winner will be announced on and/or on the website that we partner with to run the contest.

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